The Inflectionist Review

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The Inflectionist Review Anthology of Poetry includes fresh translations of classic contemporary poetry alongside new work from State Poet Laureates, award-winning poets, and emerging writers. Poets represented include Rainer Maria Rilke, Paulann Petersen, Rae Gouirand, Penelope Scambly Schott, Rebecca Schumejda, Daniela Elza, and over 70 others.

The anthology has a limited print run of 250 copies.

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Paypal and checks are accepted. For Paypal, please send $15 per additional copy to: Please make checks payable to Anatoly Molotkov and mail them to: 1936 SE Harold Street, Portland, OR 97202.


The Inflectionist Review is a small press publishing stark and distinctive contemporary poetry that fosters dialog between the reader and writer, between words and their meanings, between ambiguity and concept. Each issue gathers established and emerging voices together toward the shared aim of unique expression that resonates beyond the author’s world, beyond the page, and speaks to the universality of human language and experience.

Inflectionism is an artistic movement that began in 2010 by three Portland, Oregon area poets who sought a more organic poetry that respected both poet and reader, both words and interpretation. As a creative philosophy, Inflectionism seeks to build upon what has come before and gently bend it to reflect what has and has not changed about the world and how we express it.

Editors: A. Molotkov & John Sibley Williams